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Your company is doing well, but could it do even better?

Today it is no longer enough to have a website on Internet........

Your company website's two main objectives should be to attract customers and to convert the customer traffic into inquiries.

Your web presence's goals should be to improve the business as a whole and complement your company's offline marketing and sales efforts. In other words, to help you achieve maximum profitability.

One of your biggest headaches might be that you do not have enough resources to develop new marketing opportunities in order to reach new customers.

You will find Dragonicum.com to be a valuable internet partner, whether you want to increase business to business contacts, promote your services, generate more sales, or enhance branding of your products and services.

Membership in Dragonicum.com could make a significant difference to your business in these uncertain times.

What we can do for your company

Dragonicum.com suits businesses of all kinds. As a member you will benefit domestical and international online promotion of your company, with your own company profile in Dragonicum.com incl. direct links to your website and email box. In this way all inquiries concerning your company, products and services will go directly to your company, because we do not act as middlemen.

Your company profile will be easy to locate, and it is simply impossible for it to "just disappear" in the huge Company Directory because Dragonicum.com is provided  with Search Engines for keywords to; industry sectors, products and services, and in addition Advanced Search for both single and combined keywords for; company names, countries, export markets, key products and customers.

Navigation links provide you with easy-to-use navigation tools, complete with links to all categories of information on the website. The navigation bar is placed in the same place on top of every page, so you will not have to scroll in order to click to a new page

www.dragonicum.com has as a wide range of offers to viewers and members; company directory defined for more than 10.500 products and services, online advertising and promotion, posting of trade leads and search for business partners, directory of trade shows worldwide, fresh EU News, online newspaper links, translation services, web design and development, web master services, microbusiness promotion, information base on country reports; fact & statistics, cultural awareness, business culture and society, "meet the country", environmental practices, occupational health and safety, business card etiquette, business gift guidance worlwide, safe trade tips, security center and much more, which you also can read all about in our brochure "Dragonicum.com - making the right business connections". Enjoy your reading!

Dragonicum.com Membership can help you make more out of your marketing strategies and give you a more efficient internet marketing opportunity.