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Different as Dragonicum.com is from several other online trade portals is that we focus on security from the start. Lack of security measures in online trade portals, especially in those which "keep the door widely open", will risk infiltration of scammers and cyber criminals in their member community - or even worse - they may become victims of cyber crime themselves.

Make the right business connections

Our Priority No 1 is to create and maintain a safe and well lit business to business marketplace for our member companies. Some of the security measures we have set are:

  • Dragonicum.com's Security Center is designed to help our members in identifying trustworthy trading partners
  • Only legitimate companies are welcome to join Dragonicum.com
  • Member candidates must read and confirm that they agree to our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Membership Agreement before the system enables to submit their application form
  • Member candidates must pass through our Authentification and Verification Process
  • Member candidates will not get access to the members' log-in area before their membership applications have been approved
  • The Dragonicum.com member company profile must be filled out and completed before a new member can be announced on the front page
  • Dragonicum.com will not issue any so-called »Trust Pass« because we believe that it is no guarantee for the legitimacy of a company
  • Trade Leads can only be posted by our member companies
  • Trade Leads can be viewed by visitors and registered users, but in order to protect the member from unsolicited requests, only Dragonicum.com's members will be able to read each Trade Lead's contact information
  • Between Dragonicum.com and its member companies will sensitive private information not be allowed forwarded or collected by regular email?
  • Dragonicum.com will not save sensitive information
  • Dragonicum.com will not sell sensitive information
  • For securing sensitive financial information, MCF d.o.o. has decided not to use digital payment systems (credit cards) in Dragonicum.com.

Learn to protect yourself from online fraud by following our tips for Safe Trade Online. Keep yourself updated on reported fraud attempts which will learn you more about the signs of fraud. We urge you, Members and Users of Dragonicum.com, be cautious and critical to all requests your company receive.

Beware of fake email addresses and fake websites! With some technical knowledge, it is possible for fraudsters to send fake emails and establish fake website, and even copy email address and websites of legitimate companies.

Dragonicum takes fraud seriously. We are committed to ensure that concerns of our Users and Members who have been affected by fraudsters will be heard. If you believe you have been victimized of fraud, inform Dragonicum.com and relevant law enforcement authorities immediately. Contact Us >

Dragonicum.com Security Center

Dragonicum's Security Center is designed to help our members in identifying trustworthy trading partners.

Internet offers a global marketplace for consumers and businesses.

Unfortunately, also cyber criminals have understood the potentials of Internet. Several leading websites have been affected by fraud and scam emails.

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