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Welcome to Dragonicum.com!


We are happy to present the new international online trade portal, Dragonicum.com, for our visitors. With a legitimate company you are welcome to join us.

Membership is an ideal alternative to all companies who want to promote their products and services domestically and/or internationally.

On the page "Create Account" will you find more detailed information about what we are offering Dragonicum Members and Registered Users.

Photo: Inger-Marie Wold Fabic, Owner of Dragonicum.com


Dragonicum.com is a new international business-to-business marketplace and company directory. We have recently changed location, and moved from Slovenia in south of Europe - to the north of Europa, to Norway, which is my home country.  After living abroad for almost 9 years, we have decided to move back to where we have our roots.

Dragonicum.com, the Norwegian international business platform, is pleased to offer an ideal alternative to all companies in the world who want to promote themselves domestically or internationally, whether they are established on Internet already or not.

Demonstrate your creditability for buyers and competitors by joining Dragonicum

The commercial use of internet is growing constantly, and although most companies already are well established with their own home page, they are only one among millions of companies on Internet, so there is really no argument against promoting themselves on even more sites. Today it has become common for companies to compete in a number of publicity spots in order to reach the widest possible audience.

Dragonicum.com is always at your service, by providing and developing competitive market visibility for your company as well as advising your commercial operations to an internationally high standard.


Online trading is an easy, time- and cost efficient way to manage investments. By using internet is possible for you to research and invest in business opportunities all over the world. But is risky, and you should take precautions to ensure that you do not become the target or victim of scams and fraudulent schemes. Despite the threats of fraud, viruses, and hacking that are becoming more targeted, there is an alarming lack of awareness among businesses about such threats. These days there is a rise of tailored Trojans aimed at customers of banks, trade portals and social networks, and we are witnessing increasing awareness of the value of peoples' identity. Businesses are at risk, because this lack of understanding for security has also resulted in a widespread failure to implement the necessary preventative technology.

Internet criminals are stronger than ever and seek to take advantage of internet’s capabilities;  therefore, be wary when you receive unsolicited emails, and when your search for new products, services and partners on internet, because anyone can post web site information which is accessible from anywhere in the world, in order to carry out various types of fraudulent schemes. With so much money being moved on internet today, cyber criminals are getting more greedy - and smarter. It can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between a reputable seller and a fraudster, so you must take precautions and be on the alert. What you read on internet does not necessarily have to be true - sometimes it is even too good to be true!

It is a never-ending battle against cyber crime. To combat these threats, Dragonicum.com focuses on security - on smart security. 


Dragonicum.com gives you the possibility to make the right business connections.

Different as Dragonicum.com is from several other online trade portals is that we focus on security from the start. Today there are too many online trade portals keeping the door widely open for the infiltration of scammers and cyber criminals, with the result that they have lost completely control over their own website's trade community.

Our Priority No 1 is to create and maintain a safe and well lit business to business marketplace for our member companies.

  • Dragonicum.com's Security Center is designed to help our members in identifying trustworthy trading partners
  • Only legitimate companies are welcome to join Dragonicum.com
  • Member candidates must read and confirm that they agree to our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Membership Agreement before the system enables to submit their application form
  • Member candidates must pass through our Authentification and Verification Process
  • Member candidates will not get access to the members' log-in area before their membership applications have been approved
  • The Dragonicum.com member company profile must be filled out and completed before a new member can be announced on the front page
  • Dragonicum.com will not issue any so-called »Trust Pass« because we believe that it is no guarantee for the legitimacy of a company
  • Trade Leads can only be posted by our member companies
  • Trade Leads can be viewed by visitors and registered users, but in order to protect the member from unsolicited requests, only Dragonicum.com  members will be able to read each Trade Lead's contact information
  • Between Dragonicum.com and its member companies will sensitive private information not be allowed forwarded or collected by regular email
  • Dragonicum.com will not save sensitive information
  • Dragonicum.com will not sell sensitive information
  • For securing sensitive financial information, we have decided not to use digital payment systems (credit cards) in Dragonicum.com.


  • Members will not be charged per »click« when potential customers and other viewers visit their company profile
  • Members will not be charged for commission of their sales by  Dragonicum.com, because we do not act as middlemen in your business transactions
  • Members can post trade leads; selling/buying/cooperation leads completely free of charge
  • Members will save money by managing their own advertisements and campaigns in their private settings page/account
  • Members will benefit discounts on their companies’ advertisements
  • Members will also benefit discounts on our translation services


Africa & Middle East;  Algeria, Angola, Bahrain, Benin, Egypt, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Namibia, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, South Africa, Syria, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, Yemen

Asia - Pacific; Australia,  Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei Darussalam, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, China, Fiji Islands, Georgia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kiribati, Korea South, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Macau SAR, Malaysia, Maldives, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Mongolia, Nauru, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Samoa, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Taiwan ROC, Tajikistan, Thailand, Timor-Leste (East-Timor), Tonga, Turkmenistan, Tuvalu, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu, Vietnam

Dragonicum.com in start position for campaigns in 208 countries and territories in Africa & Middle East, America, Asia & Pacific, and Europe


Europe; Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom.

America; Antiqua and Barbuda, Argentina, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominica, Domonican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Grenada, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, USA, Venezuela


Dragonicum.com is designed to provide you with easy-to-use navigation tools, complete with links to all categories of information on the website. The navigation bar is placed in the same place on top of every page, so you will not have to scroll in order to click to a new page.  

Information is organized into a logical structure with icons for each main category, placed in the navigationbar on top of each page. Each category contains of a main page with site-map, links to multiple items in that category, and on some pages brief descriptions and thumbnails. When browsing a category, you will se that the header below the navigation bar shows a navigation-chain in accordance with your browsing process. 

NAVIGATION-CHAIN (two examples)

1. Example: Directory of Companies

Top >Airport, Aviation and Defence >Airport, Services & Supplies >Conveyors >Countries

and on the line below, the page will lead you to choose; 

Companies > Company Profile >links to the company's own website and email

2. Example: Country Reports

World >Asia >China >


Some Facts – China / Guidance for visitors to China / Basic Mandarin Phrases / Business & Culture / History / Intellectual Property / Meet the country China / Useful links /

As the header provides constant identity and ease your navigation, you can link back to intermediate pages in the chain within each category, or you can leave the page by simply clicking the icon for another category in the upper navigation bar.


  • Log-In
    • Members' Area, Control Panel
    • Registered Users' Area, Control Panel
    • Forum for exchange of export and import experiences
    • Security Centre
    • As Advertisers; management of their own advertisements and campaigns
  • Premium Services; Advertising, and Translation
    • Prices will be agreed upon receiption of requests.
    • Dragonicum.com Members benefit discounts on all Premium Services


  • Individual Company Profiles with company, product and service information, and links to their respective websites and mailboxes
  • Posting Trade Leads, free of charge
  • Respond to Trade Leads, as contact information of Trade Leads are available only for members
  • Receive Newsletters with the latest trade leads and featured products

More detailed information under the headline Log-in, see below


All Dragonicum.com main categories are presented and accessable from textboxes on the frontpage, in addition to the navigation bar with icons to; Home, Directory of Companies, Trade Leads, Trade Events, Country Profiles, Forum, and Newspapers.

Browse Companies or use Search and Advanced Search

For browsing the Directory of Companies, you can either chose an industry in the center field on the front page, or click its icon in the navigationbar which gives you a total overview of all industries..

For searching by keywords, use Search and Advanced Search which you will find in the upper right corner of the front page.

Premium Services

Dragonicum.com Membership or status as Registered User are required for making use of Premium Services.

  • Advertising. You will reach more viewers by advertising in Dragonicum.com, and compared with advertising in magazines, newspapers and through TV-channels, it is far more cheaper than any other type of advertisement.
  • Chinese Translation. For assisting you with your preparations for approaching a Chinese speaking market, we offer professional translation of documents, business cards and prospects.


Advertising in Dragonicum.com; on Front page, and on the pages for Industries, Trade Leads, and Newspapers, require Dragonicum Membership or status as Registered User. Please use Contact Us for further information about  Advertising!

»Meet the Country«

Comprehensive country presentations, with photos and illustrations. »Meet the Country« starts with Slovenia and China, in the serie of 110 country presentations.

Dragonicum Forum

Forum is accessable from the front page after log-in creation of your own forum and participateing in discussions, posting information, news, travel ideas, destination tips, etc.  Membership or status as Registered User are required for participating in Forum.

Trade Leads

The latest trade leads are automatically announced on top of the front page.

  • Members of Dragonicum.com can post trade leads completely free of charge.
  • Submit requests for selling leads, buying leads, business co-operation, tenders and information.
  • Membership is required for posting trade leads and viewing contact information.

New Member Companies

New members are presented on the front page with links to their respective company profiles, as soon as their Company Profiles are filled out / completed..

Company Focus - Presentation of micro-businesses

Dragonicum.com wish to make the small companies with their niech products more visible! Around the world there are many of them, and perhaps you know a small company that really deserves more attention? If you do, please send us a tips. We will offer the right company a free presentation on the front page.

Trade Events »coming up «

Trade Shows and Events "coming up" are announced by time and place on the front page. To access Trade Events in Asia, Europe and North America, click its icon in the navigation bar.

On its main page, you are given two choices. You can browse trade events worldwide by selecting the year first: 2007-2008-2009, and thereafter by chosing;

  1. Industry > Region > Country > City > Exhition Centres > Exhibition Centre > Trade Events > Event > direct link to the trade event's website
  1. Region > Country > City > Exhibition Centres > Exhibition Centre > Trade Events > Events > link to the trade event's website

The exhibition centres' contact information, address, are shown as thumbnails, with direct links to their webpages and mailboxes.


Changes in time and place of Trade Events and Conferences can appear rapidly! Dragonicum.com is not responsible for any changes in time and place for events and conferences announced in the portal. You should always contact the organizer of the events and conferences before you make any travel arrangements!

Online News

  • EUobserver.com has given us permission to provide a news-feed-link to their  website, for you to be updated on the latest EU News and for subscription of  EUobserver Newsletters
  • 222 online news- and newspapers from 64 countries are listed with direct links to their respective websites.


  • Dragonicum.com Trade Alerts with the latest trade leads and featured products will be distributed once a week. For security reasons and safer trade online will subscription on Trade Alerts require Dragonicum.com membership.
  • Newsletters with news, updates and other useful information for all Dragonicum.com users

Internet security

We recommend that you contact US Cert (United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team for subscription on Technical and Non-Technical Security Alerts, Bulletins, and Tips:  http://www.us-cert.gov/

Create Account      

  • Registration of Users (Free)
  • Registration for Dragonicum.com Membership (Free)

Authentification and Verification

What does Authentification and Verification mean?

1.  Authentification – does the company exist?

Dragonicum.com will check if the company is legally registered, and that business address and contact information operates on a daily basis.

All applications for Dragonicum.com Membership, as well as for Registered User, will pass through an authentification and verification process, starting with automatically verifying that the email address is correct.

2. Verification – is the person employed or associated with the company?
Dragonicum.com will check if the contact person is registered, employed or associated with the company.


Log-in for Dragonicum.com Members leads to:

1. Members' Area. Only Dragonicum.com members have access to »Members' Area«, and by log-in with password and username enter their own Account/Settings Page where they can;

  • Edit and update their Accounts
  • Change Passwords
  • Edit and update their Company Profiles in Directory of Companies
  • Post Trade Leads
  • Submit Trade Leads inquiries
  • Submit Requests to Dragonicum.com
  • Prepare for and manage their own Advertisements and Campaigns
  • Order Chinese/English/Norwegian Translation of documents, prospects and business cards
  • Participate in Forum discussions
  • Subscripbe on Trade Alerts and Newsletters
  • Read new and previous Newsletters, with access to archieve
  • Visit Security Centre
    • be updated on Cyber Security, Safer Trade Online, and more

Log-in for Registered Users leads to:

2. Registered Users' Area. Only Registered Users have access to Registered Users' Area, and by log-in with password and username enter their own Account/Settings Page where they can:

  • Edit and update their Accounts
  • Submit Requests to Dragonicum.com
  • Prepare and manage their own Advertisements and Campaigns
  • Order Chinese/English/Norwegian Translation of documents, prospects and business cards
  • Participate in Forum discussions
  • Be updated on Safer Trade Online, and more

Please note that Registered Users have a certain limited access to trade leads, since they will not be able to post trade, or read the contact information of published trade leads, which requires Dragonicum.com Membership.

More information above, under headline »Areas and Services for Members and Registered Users«

Contact Us

In Contact Us you have questions or wishes of any kind, by filling in the request form, and click “submit” for forwarding it to Dragonicum.com's customer service staff. We will be happy to assist you!


  • Who/what/where


In the footer of every page, you will find:

  • Terms of Use
  • Privacy Policy
  • Contact Us
  • Help

Create Account - Registration Page

Create Account leads to the registration form with detailed information about what you will benefit as Registered User, and as Member of Dragonicum.com..

With a legitimate company, your are welcome to join Dragonicum.com!

Before filling in the registration form, please read the conditions for membership and status as registered user, to ensure that your best choice will meet your preferences.

Dragonicum.com is pleased to offer you a gateway to international business!