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International Trade Shows and Events


When you visit an international trade fair you will get the chance to learn more about foreign products and technologies, prices, market demands and trends, participate at the fair’s seminars and conferences, and establish new business contacts, not only from the country you visit, but also from other foreign countries.

Dragonicum.com Trade Events Directory is one of the most comprehensive directories on the web. In our database can you search for events by; industry, region, country, city, exhibition center and time/year, and it will provide you with direct links to each event's webpage, and in addition give you contact information to the organizers; incl. links to their web pages and mailboxes.

Important notice which in general can count for all  trade fair directories/web pages on the Internet!  If you are planning a trip to a particular exhibition or conference, remember always to check the details with the organizer before you make any travel preparations, because changes in time and place can happen quickly!

Although every effort has been made to provide accurate information on Dragonicum.com Trade Events pages, neither Dragonicum.com nor its employees make any warranty, express or implied, or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of any information contained in our trade event directory. Viewers who access the site should take appropriate steps to verify all such information.

You should also be absolutely certain that the fair’s focused industry will meet your expectations. Let us say - as an example - that you are interested in finding a new supplier of mobile phones for your business, and therefore you decide to visit an overseas trade fair for electronics and components. But how do you know that the fair also includes mobile phones? You should not take it for granted! If you do not make the necessary investigations about the fair before you make your journey, you may find out when you attend the fair that it does not include mobile phones at all, with the result that you have made an overseas journey in vain.

Therefore, gather as much information as you can from the organizer of the trade event before you start planning your journey.


For many companies, especially within capital goods businesses, trade shows are generally the second most important marketing communication expenditure - after personal selling.  

What will a company benefit by participating in trade shows?

It can give the company an opportunity to:

  • introduce new products
  • establish personal contacts with prospective buyers
  • maintain visibility of the company's products and name
  • establish contact with key players who cannot otherwise be reached
  • make direct sales
  • display non-portable products
  • develop a method for for listing prospects
  • recruit new distributors
  • determine potential customer requirements
  • evaluate your competitors' products
  • discoverer new applications for existing products
  • obtain new product ideas from costumers, distributors, and competitors
  • find new suppliers
  • evaluate competitor's marketing tactics
  • train your sales personnel
  • meet costumers in a relaxed atmosphere

Yes, there is a long list of potential benefits – but still many companies often express reservation about what they will benefit by participating in a trade show, primarily because of the costs. Related to these costs are increased labour costs, a proliferation of trade shows, the lack of selectivity in the audience attracted, there will always attend a large number of »sightseers«, moreover - a lack of selectivity in exhibitors, insufficient supply of new products to warrant the number of shows, poor show publicity, and perhaps lack of public attendance. 

Even though many companies may doubt the value of trade shows, they also fear the consequences of not attending and thereby loose the visibility maintained by competitors. Well, what shall you do then when customers, distributors and consumers may have strong expectations that your company will be attending the important trade fair in the industry?

Try to make a more analytic approach and consider what steps the company can take to enhance the benefits of participation. 

  • Evaluate and select trade shows based on specific selling and non-selling benefits offered by each show.
  • Selling benefits can be defined to include identification of and contact with prospects, access to key players who are not easily reached by sales representatives, the opportunity to offer costumers service, and actually writing orders.
  • Non-selling benefits will include maintaining your company image, access to competitive intelligence, a chance to test costumers' reactions to your new products, and boosting your employee's morale.

Start planning your performance as exhibitor in good time. It is in-deed a time-consuming project with planning of details, negotiating conditions and price for renting a boot, selecting the strategic boot’s location, printing brochures and wall boards, preparing advertisements, arrangements for transportation, accommodation, flight tickets, and others.

We will advise you to be critical when you receive offers for “special services” in renting exhibition displays and furniture. Very often are the prices too high, so you ought to have time enough to look for alternative solutions. Remember, you will always have a choice, so the first bid is not necessarily the best! 

Be well prepared for your performance. What can you do to draw the audience’s and potential costumers’ attention? Remember that you will meet also your competitors there.

MCF d.o.o. can assist you in gathering information about trade events and exhibitor companies, with application forms for your registration as visitor or exhibitor, apply for an official invitation letter from the trade fair’s organizer when visa is required, and give you useful tips and advise which we believe can make your journey more successful.

Should you need more information, we will be happy to hear from you.