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Registration of New Products and Services

 ...... requires Dragonicum membership

Access to the trade leads area where new products and services can be posted,  require status as Member of Dragonicum. Under »Contact Us« you will find more information about the advantages our members enjoy in Dragonicum.

The registration form which you will find under »Create Account« contains links to »Terms of Use«, »Privacy Policy« and "Membership Agreement" which you will have to read and thereafter tick off to confirm that you agree with our terms and conditions, before you can submit the registration form to our Customer Service Staff.

After your application for membership has been approved, you will get access to Trade Leads in your Control Panel, where you can promote new products and services to attract buyers and sellers.

Security Measures

On the Trade Leads' main page in the front and on your Settings page you will find these documents;

  1. Guidelines for Publishing Information online
  2. Prohibited Products and Services
  3. Safer Trade Online
  4. Registration of New Products and Services

We must kindly ask you to read all above mentioned documents carefully, because it is important that you are aware of our security measures and that you act in accordance with our policies. If you do not agree to our terms and conditons, please do not use our web site.

Posting of New Products and Services in Trade Leads

As Member of Dragonicum you can any time log-in to Trade Leads in you Control Panel, and add detailed information about new products and services in your account.

Posted information in Trade Leads older than 2 months, expire automatically and will be removed. 

Newly posted information in Trade Leads will automatically be announced on the front page.  We will also send out Trade Alert newsletters regularly. Subscription for Trade Alert is free, and you are given the option to unsubscribe at any time.

Search for Partners, Agents and Representatives

Your postings will be viewed by Dragonicum members all over the world. Among them you might find someone who wish to establish new business connections with overseas companies.

Explore Trade Leads

Fully use of Trade Leads is reserved for Members only, whose authentification has been verified when they applied for membership.

Members can explore Buying Leads, Selling Leads, and Co-operation, view contact information of all published Trade Leads, and contact buyers and sellers directly. Contact information is viewable for members only.

Registered Users can also browse Trade Leads, but they are not able to view any contact information as it requires membership.

Membership in Dragonicum

You are welcome to apply for membership. Dragonicum Membership is an ideal alternative to all legitimate companies who want to promote their products and services domestic or internationally. To help members market their companies, Dragonicum is pleased to offer them a gateway to international business with;

  • Individually designed Company Profile presented electronically in the Company Directory of Dragonicum.com
  • Username and password to access all Dragonicum services
  • Individual Account in Trade Board (Member Area) where you can edit and update your Company Profile at any time.
  • Your Company Profile will be arranged according to country, industry, and type of products and services. This makes it possible for new customers and viewers to search by country and category.
  • Company Profile will contain information about your company, products and services, contact information, and with direct links to your Web Site and Email Address. In this way all inquiries concerning your company, products and services, will be sent directly to your company, and not pass through any middlemen.
  • As a Member you will benefit discounts on all Dragonicum Premium Services; Advertisements, and Chinese Translation (of brochures, brief lets, business cards, correspondence; documents and letters, slide shows/presentations, and web sites).
  • Benefit Promotion Opportunities, were you will reach more viewers to a far cheaper price than advertisements in newspapers and magazines.
    • Your Company Profile with direct access to your company web site
    • Advertisement on Front Page and on Industry Pages.
    • Announcement of New products and Services in Trade Leads.
    • Use Trade Leads to submit and distribute trade requests to relevant suppliers. Together with member companies all over the world, your requests can be submitted for trade, co-operation, tenders and information.
  • Post New Products and Services with detailed information in Trade Leads at any time. Newly posted information will occasionally be forwarded to Members, by Trade Alert Newsletters.
  • Contact potential Buyers and Sellers directly from Trade Leads.
  • Search for partners, agents and representatives. The Trade Leads service is for members only, whose Authentification has been verified when they applied for membership in Dragonicum. (Registered Users will not be able to read the contact information).
  • Subscribe and receive Dragonicum Newsletters and Trade Alert News
  • Be Updated on Cyber Security: technical and non-technical tips and alerts
  • Participate in Forum discussions, exchange business experiences and post requests in Forum for Exchange of Export and Import Experiences
  • Demonstrate your Credibility to Buyers and Competitors
  • Enjoy Dragonicum Membership, which symbolizes High Quality and Good Reputation.
  • Enjoy secure communication lines with Dragonicum
  • Members of Dragonicum pay the membership fee only once as an "entrance ticket", by registration of their company profile. No monthly or annual fee for membership will be charged you after becoming a Member of the Dragonicum community. Price: Euro 300.
  • Durimg of campaign offering free membership to new members, includes our offer also company profile, publishing of tour programs, posting of trade leads - all free of charge.