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With this checklist we wish to remind you about certain health and safety measures which can be "easy to forget" in your daily work. They are important to follow up! Should you answer "no" to some of the questions below, they definitely require your immediate action. Print out this page, and add your own topics which you know require improvements from you and your employees.

Ensure an efficient communication system from floor to top level! Involve your employees, your senior managers, and their health and safety representatives in your plans and activities for preventing serious damage performance, accidents and long-term sickness absence.


Y O U R  R E S P O N S I B I L I T I E S






R E Q U I R E  A C T I O N !

Do you identify and control hazards?




Are sensible control measures established and maintained?




Are you confident with the audits or assessments that are undertaken to inform you about what your company and also your contractors do?




Do you train your employees to be aware of hazards and to follow safe working procedures?




Do you train and inform the board in health and safety?




Do you involve staff and their health and safety representatives in health & safety procedures?




Are you and your staff prepared for emergencies?




Do you train your staff in first aid?




Are you confident with the way your staff, in particular the health and safety representatives, are consulting you in health and safety matters?




Are you confident with the way the health and safety representatives' concerns reach the top management, including the board?




Are you confident with the board's concern in health and safety matters?




Do you report health and safety matters to the board? Often enough?




Do you investigate incidents?




Do you keep an accident book, and do you report serious incidents?




Is it important for you to  benchmark your health and safety performance towards other companies in your sector?




Do you review and check health and safety key activities regularly?




Have you set your targets to improve health and safety in your company?




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