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EMS Environment Management Systems, and ISO 14000 Standard Series

Whether your intention is to obtain ISO 14001 certification or not, you will experience that  EMS (Environment Management Systems) will help your company in using materials more efficiently and streamline operations

Companies will find economic and environmental benefits in implementing "EMS"

Our advice is that you implement an EMS and incorporate it into all levels of your company operations and decision-making processes, and the awareness of environmental protection will soon arise among your employees.

EMS is a system which often is formally carried out to meet the requirements of the ISO14000 Standard series. An EMS approach for determining, implementing, and reviewing an environmental policy, will include organisational structure, responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes and resources.

The 5 stages of an EMS

  1. Environmental Policy
  2. Planning
  3. Implementing and Operation
  4. Checking and Corrective Action
  5. Management Review

ISO 14001 Standard

ISO 14001 is the most used standard for environmental risk management. It is closely related to to EMAS (European Eco Management & Audit Scheme). It provides the EMS framework, and is much like ISO 9000 Standard for quality management.

ISO 19011 Standard

ISO 19011 is the common auditing standard which explains how it can be combined with quality management.

BS8555 Standard

BS8555, a phased standard which has been developed in the UK, helps small companies to move to ISO 14001 through six manageable steps. Some environment management systems tend to base on the BS8555 Standard.

More information

For further information, contact your country's Standardization Office (which in some countries goes under the name Registration Office).

Easy access to your country's stadardization institute is through the website of  ISO International Organization for Standardization, where you will find contact information of the ISO members:  http://www.iso.org/