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Mirantes Moto Travel Brazil

   Weekend Trips 2 days, and Long Distance Tours 8, 10 and 14 days

Beaches, palm trees, carnival, samba, soccer... these are words that spring to mind when most people hear the word "Brazil", but Brazil is so much more than that... Off the beaten (tourist) track, you will discover a different Brazil. An enormous diversity of natural, historical and cultural Beauty. Being the 5th largest country in the world, slightly larger than all of Europe, Brazil has a lot to explore for the adventurous motorcyclist! 



Raf Kiss, General Manager and Tour Guide, Founder of Mirantes Moto Travel. Belgian motorcycle and outdoors enthusiast and living in Brazil since January 2009.


Our goal is to offer you the ultimate motorcycle vacation.

Touring Brazil's scenic coastlines, mountain ranges and countryside, visiting charming colonial towns and exotic beaches, you will get to know firsthand; the rich culture, influenced by the Portuguese, Dutch and French colonization, African slave trade and European, Middle-Eastern and Japanese immigration.

We work hard to make every ride feel unique and personal. By limiting the groups to maximum 5 riders, we also ensure a personalized service and enhanced safety.

We will have succeeded if you to go home, in love with Brazil and with the feeling of having had the best ride ever.


Weekend Trips  2 days

Are you on vacation in Rio de Janeiro and would like to see more than the beach?

Weekend tours are short trips (2 day, +/- 500 km), that start on Saturday morning and end on Sunday evening. Each of the trips is designed to cover one of the regions around Volta Redonda (Serra da Mantuiqueira, Vale do café, Serra da Bocaina...) As with our long distance tours, the weekend trips will also include considerable portions of unpaved roads, especially in the Serras. We will spend the night in Pousadas or Fazendas along the way. (Minimum 3 riders).  Contact us for more information >


Paraty - Serra da Bocaina

Duration : 2 days - 1 night

Distance : +/- 650 Km

Level : Moderate

Itatiaia - Serra da Mantiqueira

Duration : 2 days - 1 night

Distance : +/- 450 Km

Level : Moderate



Petrópolis - Serra dos Orgãos

Duration : 2 days - 1 night

Distance : +/- 630 Km

Level : Moderate

Vale do Café - Serra da Beleza

Duration : 2 days - 1 night

Distance : +/- 500 Km

Level : Moderate




Long Distance Trips 8, 10, 14 days

Serras e Mar Discover the beauty of Rio de Janeiro State

Duration : 8 days - 7 nights     Distance : +/- 2000 Km     Level : Moderate



Day 1 Volta Redonda - Ubatuba (280 km)

Day 2 Ubatuba - Caxambu (330 km)

Day 3 Caxambu - Petrópolis (315 km)

Day 4 Petrópolis to Lumiar (220km)

Day 5 Lumiar - Arraial do Cabo (200 km)

Day 6 Arraial do Cabo - Rio de Janeiro (190 km)

Day 7 Rio de Janeiro (Local tour - 50 à 100km)

Day 8 Rio de Janeiro - Volta Redonda (250 km)



You will travel through five different serras, national parks, Atlantic rainforest and the marvelous coastline of the state of Rio de Janeiro. We will pass through charming small rural villages, and visit a few historically important cities like Paraty, small colonial port town and world heritage site. and  Petrópolis, built high in the (cooler) mountains by German settlers in honor of Brazil's second emperor. Rio de Janeiro "a cidade maravilhosa", will be the last city on our list.


IMPORTANT: The route map is only indicative. Weather and/or road conditions can make it necessary to change the initial route plan


Historical Cities and Trails of the Estrada Real

Duration : 10 days - 9 nights     Distance : 2250 - 2500 Km     Level : Challenging


Day 1 Volta Redonda - Passa Quatro (333 km)

Day 2 Passa Quatro - Tiradentes (245 km)

Day 3 Tiradentes - Caeté (306 km)

Day 4 Caeté - Diamantina (296 km)

Day 5 Local tour in Diamantina region (+/- 50 Km)

Day 6 Diamantina - Conceição do Mato Dentro (142 km)

Day 7 Conceição do Mato Dentro - Ouro Preto (225 km)

Day 8 Ouro Preto - Santos Dumont (237 km)

Day 9 Santos Dumont - Rio de Janeiro (210 km)

Day 10 (Morning) Rio de janeiro city tour (+/- 50 km)

Day 10 (Afternoon) Rio de janeiro - Volta Redonda (140 km)

Colonial villages, with their typical colorful churches, waterfalls, mountains, caves and rivers make up one of the most important cultural and natural heritages on the planet, with stone bridges, ruins and fountains scattered across the landscape. Every one of them a reminder, left behind by the colonial settlers.

The Estrada Real (Royal Road) today, is a collection of several roads, in total about 1512 km, built in colonial Brazil, especially in the seventeenth century, to transport the gold and diamonds from Brazil's interior to the coast of Rio de Janeiro, from where they were shipped off to Portugal



IMPORTANT: The route map is only indicative. Weather and/or road conditions can make it necessary to change the initial route plan


Bahia and Minas Gerais

Duration : 14 days - 13 nights     Distance : +/- 5000 Km     Level : Challenging



Day 1 Volta Redonda - Búzios (360 km)

Day 2 Búzios - Domingos Martins (407 km)

Day 3 Domingos Martins - Caravelas(563 km)

Day 4 Local Activities - explore whale coast

Day 5 Caravelas - Itacaré (660 Km)

Day 6 Itacaré - Lençois (460 km)

Day 7and 8 Explore Chapada region (+/- 500 km)

Day 9 Chapada - Pedra azul (Minas Gerais) (435 km)

Day 10 Pedra azul - Diamantina (502 km)

Day 11 Diamantina - Sete Lagoas (290 km)

Day 12 : Sete Lagoas - Lavras novas (220 km)

Day 13 Lavras novas - Ibitipoca (250 km)

Day 14 Ibitipoca - Volta Redonda (180 km)


Explore one of Brazil's most unique national parks, located in the interior of Bahia. This tour takes you through four different states, each with its unique characteristics


IMPORTANT: The route map is only indicative. Weather and/or road conditions can make it necessary to change the initial route plan



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