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Israel's premier seaside location is the city Eilat, far south of the country by the Red Sea. The warm climate makes it possible to swim in the Red Sea all year round, and Eilat is a popular vacation spot for both Israelis and foreigners. Eilat is an excellent starting point for camel safaris into the desert and most types of water sports, including snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing and parasailing. There you can snorkel along the coral reef and follow a marked underwater trail. In total, there are over 100 different types of coral and 650 kinds of fish. The Red Sea coast has a rich world of marine life, with tropical fish and colorful coral. Observe underwater life at Eilat's Underwater Observatory and Marine Museum.

Across the border on the short coastal strip lies the seaside city of Aqaba in Jordan. Outside Eilat is a mountain range that separates Israel from Egypt, where there are several marked trails with great opportunities for hiking, including up the mountain Have Zefahot with its great view to all four countries in the region. In Red Canyon which is just a little further up in the mountains you will find gorgeous desert and mountain landscapes.

Most of Israel's rainfall comes in the form of winter rain. Mount Hermon has snowfall every year, and tourists can choose between skiing on Mount Hermon or a swim in the Bay of Eilat. The dry season's hottest months are July and August. From September to November and from April to June you will experience the mostly pleasant temperatures and little rainfall.

Tel Aviv is often compared to New York and has been named one of the cities in the world with hottest nightlife Discos, bars, restaurants and cafes are open everywhere into the early hours.

Jerusalem is central to Judaism, Christianity and Islam and can safely be said to be the world's holiest city. Visit The Western Wall, Dome of the Rock and other historical sights. Accommodation in Israel, from the most luxurious to the simple B & O or hostel. Often is Israeli breakfast included, and it is tasty!

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Acacia Adventure

Acacia-Adventure is a Middle East travel tour operator that was created in 1974 in Sinai (Egypt), offering outstanding Safaris on camel-back and diving tours in the Red Sea and the Sinai desert. Besides helping the local Bedouins to adapt themselves to the growing tourism, at the same time respecting their way of life and traditions, these trips were also conceived to disclose the awesome Sinai tracks to the travelers in unique adventures.

Acacia-Adventure quickly extended to Jordan and the rest of Egypt as an Adventure Travel specialist. Our team consists of Nubians, Bedouins, Nomads and local people of different countries of the Middle-East. Thanks to their genuine knowledge of their land and their legendary hospitality, Acacia-Adventure can offer you the most exclusive trips in a different way, with a large range of programs and Outdoor Activities that can answer different needs and tastes.

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Appler Travel Int

APPLER International Travel Services is a family business with more than 40 years of experience in tourism in Israel. At Appler I.T.S. we mix professional service and knowledge with warmth and a personal touch.

Our services are tailored to individual tourists and groups of any size and type: Hotel reservations of all styles (urban hotels, country lodge or kibbutz). Tours planned according to the requirements and needs of each individual or group. Daily tours. Customized tours for special needs. Thematic tours: religious or biblical, cultural, historical, family, gourmet and adventure carefully planned by specialists in each field. Our tours are personalized and customized according to each individual and group in order to give the most efficient and satisfactory experience to our clients; our main goal is to engrave forever in your memory your visit to Israel! We combine tours with Egypt and Jordan if desired. Looking forward to have you as our guest!

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IC & S Israel Concierge

IC&S is an Israeli company with 35 years of experience in concierge services. All our experience and professional work in Israel is at your service. You have no need to search for a hotel online, bargain with a travel agent, or even call a cab. The professionals at IC&S will do it for you, sparing you time, your most important asset. Concierge services are an art. The art of the possible.

At IC&S we will do everything to answer in the affirmative. “Yes, it’s possible.” If you’ve come from overseas, you should visit the best restaurants, go on the most meticulous tours with the most interesting guides, see the most popular shows and plays, even those sold out long ago, and enjoy the most delightful treasures, sometimes unfamiliar even to those who have lived here their entire life. Your time is invaluable. IC&S lets you lie back and enjoy your vacation without wasting time on routine arrangements involved in organizing your vacation and your stay in Israel. IC&S specializes in creating outstanding events, high-class vacations, and exciting experiences. IC&S constantly strives to exceed your expectations. Our desire and readiness to serve you at all times and to make your dreams come true, while maintaining full discretion and confidentiality, are what makes IC&S Israel’s leading concierge company.

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Israel Tour Guide Hava Heinebern Kraus

Tour Israel with Haya Heineberg Kraus. An Israel Tour arranged especially for you. You will visit those sites that you want to see. You can take a break when you want to. Suddenly you are at a place that you particularly love, great, so stay and enjoy it for as long as you want.

You may choose and design a private tour according to your wide range of interests, or even your mood. It can be a scenic tour, a wild life tour, a culture tour, and then tell us how long you want it to run. Remember as well, that the tours can be adjusted for people who have special needs or disabilities and with your health insurance.

Our Israel private tour guides are available for small and large groups from families to travel agents.

Let's Get Your Private Israel Tours Started. Whether you are part of a large group visiting Israel, a family, or an individual, I will will organize a tour especially for you and show you those unique sites and places that make Israel such a unique country. It maybe a big world, but there is no other country like Israel – nowhere.

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