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Explore the Guatemala! Get the most out of your holiday, travel around the country, experience the beautiful scenery and charming colonial cities, its culture, people and sites. It will be an eventful journey in mountain scenery with gorgeous surroundings, tropical rain forests and coastline with fine beaches. Guatemala has an unique ecosystem and an impressive biodiversity. The country has many mountains, of which 37 mountains are active volcanoes. Earthquakes occur frequently. Volcano Tajumulco (4,220m) ranks as the highest in Central America. Half of the country consists of mountains in between 2000 to 3500m altitude. The cool highlands are perfect for hikers. Language schools draw many backpackers to Antigua, and the accommodation system “homestays” seem to work perfectly  

Of Guatemala's 15.8 million inhabitants is about 65% traditional Indian population, and over 30% is characterized as mestizos (locally known as Ladino), while the remainder are of African and European origin. Indigenous population who mainly live in the mountains is proud of their Mayan origins. Most live as small farmers and craftsmen. Indians’ handicrafts are famous, especially the colorful textiles specimens identify where they are domiciled. The visual expression of Indian identity in Guatemala is strong.

Guatemala's most famous attraction is the stunning Mayan ruin city of Tikal, located in the middle of El Petrén impassable jungle. In Tikal are remnants of temples built around 700 BC, but most are from the classical maya time, 300-900 AD.  Native American culture can also be experienced in Antiqua, which was once the third largest city in Latin America. Exciting ruins of the legendary civilization can be seen in Quiriguá, and in Yaxchilan, located deep into the rainforest at the Usumacinta River.

Mayan culture was a Mesoamerican civilization known to be the only one who had a fully developed written language of the pre-Columbian America. Mayan culture was also known for its art, architecture, mathematical and astronomical systems. Today, the Maya and their descendant significant population size across the former Maya area maintain traditions and beliefs as a result of the union of the pre-Columbian and post-conquest ideas and cultures.

Guatemala has a tropical climate with high temperatures all year round. Dry from November to April, and wet from May to October with about 2 meters rainfall annually.  Mud and flooded roads can sometimes make it very difficult to travel in Guatamala. At Pacific Coast there are around +38C all year round. The rainforest in Peten alternates between hot and properly hot, rain and high humidity. In the mountains it is cooler at night, sometimes downright cold.

Guatemala is a beautiful and interesting country to visit where tourists in most cases have a hassle free stay. But please note that violence and crime levels in Guatemala are high and that it is necessary to take precautions. Be on the alert to what is happening around you, and show due diligence in relation to choice of residence and where you go, especially in the evenings, and especially in Guatemala City.

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