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Greece tops the statistics on popular holliday destinations in Europe due to its its long coastline and 1,500 idyllic islands in the Mediterranean. Greece stretches from the border of Albania in northwest to Turkey in the east. Do you want a city holiday in Athens, a relaxing vacation in one of the seaside resorts, or perhaps a long weekend in the capital before you start jumping between selected Greek islands? Whichever island you visit, you will find beautiful crystal clear water, sandy beaches, tourist resorts,  tavernas, Greek cuisine and zorba music.

The biggest holiday island Crete located close to Africa's north coast, is a popular holiday destination for families and offers a variety of activities: water parks, botanical garden, beach riding, bungee jumping. Crete's most beautiful beach Is located on the southwest side of the island.

Rhodes with its beautiful beaches offers also a vibrant nightlife.

Want to experience the genuine and scenic Greece, then travel to Milos. The Milos island is well suited for both vivant and the adventurous, and the coast consists of sandy white beaches and dramatic rock formations.

On the beautiful picturesque island of Alonissos, which is one of the least touristy Greek islands, are hiking and diving some of the activities beside seaside life.

Corfu in Ionian Islands has a long history going back to ancient time. Corfu's strategic location at the entrance to the Adriatic Sea has left its clear mark on the city. Learn more about Corfu's origin and about Poseidon, whom in Greek mythology was the sea god , son of Kronos and Rhea, brother of Zeus; in Roman mythology equated with Neptune. Corfu has been conquered and controlled of various nations throughout history. Everywhere on the island and especially in the town of Corfu will you find history memorabilia from all eras.

Greece is known for its stable summer climate. High temperatures in summer between June to August. When planning a trip in the fall can also September and October be hot. Spring and autumn temperatures are mild and pleasant, and well suited for hiking in the highlands.

Historic sites in Greece, the ancient monuments with wonderful buildings and art from the cultures of pre-Christian times, from antiquity to the Roman era and up to the modern Greece, tempts the culturally interested tourists.

Experience Athens' heyday at the Acropolis, visit ancient Corinth and Bronze Age citadel of Mycenae. Explore Sparta, which was the center of ancient toughest warriors. Mistras, one of the main monuments of Greece from the Byzantine period. Olympia, birthplace of the Olympic Games and the main shrine devoted to the gods' leader Zeus in ancient Greece, and birthplace of the Olympic Games.

Greece, one of the world's oldest civilizations, is considered the origin of Western culture, philosophy and democracy

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