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Germany provides great conditions for an adventurous holiday. Many Europeans travel through Germany by car for exploring the German castles, forts, ancient temples, palaces, leisure parks, museums, water parks, camping, zoo, nature experiences in national parks and sports activities such as cycling, sailing, swimming and hiking.

Germany excites and pleases both young and old! Folk festivities, annual fairs, wine and beer festivals, “gasthaus” with local cuisine, amusement parks, theme parks, zoo, castles, parks, yachting events, sandy beaches, excellent German cuisine, wine and beer. Moselle Valley is the ideal start for a road trip through one of Europe's finest wine landscapes. Small roads meander along the river Mosel between the wineries. Great place for a cycling holiday with its hilly landscape and small wine towns.  Along the coast of the Baltic Sea; historic seaside towns that have served as recreation destinations for centuries.  Kieler Woche, the largest sailing event is an annual sailing regatta and summer party in Kiel, held the last week in June.

Traveling in Germany is a journey through eras and styles. Some top attractions; Bavaria's dream castle Neuschwastein and Herrnechiemsee. Fürst-Pückler-Park Bad Muskau, a landscape park in the Upper Lusatia region of Germany and Poland. The gothic castle Burghausen, in Burghausen, Upper Bavaria (Founded year 1015) is the longest castle complex in Europe (1,043 m). The state of Saxony has some of the biggest Central European monumental ancient temples from the year 5,000 BC. Important archaeological finds are located in Dresden and Aythyra (near Leipzig).

The world's largest fair, the Oktoberfest in Munich, the largest international Wine Festival, known as Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt – Wein Festival, attracts tourists from around the world. Germany has a multifaceted wine offer thanks to 13 wine regions with their own cultures and traditions. The main grape varieties are: Rise Ling, Rivaner, Silvaner and Sätburgunder. The traditional wine production in Germany reflects the quality of the wines.

For families with children is recommended theme parks Hansa Park in Sierksdorf (near Kiel). Hnsa Park is also a perfect place  for a family picnic. Europa-Park in Rust (south-west Germany ) with its rushing roller coasters and fairytale themed worlds, the biggest theme park in Germany and the 2nd largest theme park resort in Europe.

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Marraketa Tours, Travel Expert in Germany, Spain and Latin America, offers innovative and interesting places to visit, where neither the language nor the boundaries are  obstacles to communication.

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Experience with us an unforgettable journey full of novelties and surprises for the quality of the time preferred. Our qualified team of travel agencies will help you to plan a journey with the aim to be able to operate under the best conditions and with the best services.

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