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Georgia, with its strategic location between Europe and Asia, is the perfect destination for those interested in cultural tourism. A mysterious and romantic country, shrouded in myths and legends.

Its beautiful landscape is adorned with ancient cities, ancient abbeys and historic Christian edifice. People have lived in Georgia from the early Stone Age, since 5000 BCE. As the world's second oldest Christian country (Christianized in the 300s), it carries historical memories from the early Christian period. Different historical empires have dominated Georgia through history, which characterizes Georgia's culture and traditions through folklore song, language and viticulture today.

The Black Sea town of Batumi is a beautiful city, known for its rich cultural life and long beaches. Summers can be extremely hot and winter cold in Georgia. Vacation in Georgia in April-May and September-October are perfect. For hiking in the Caucasus is summer the best time of the year.

By the old caravan route between Europe and Asia is the modern capital of Tbilisi, where oriental culture characterize the old town. Visit sulfur baths in the underground bathhouses, where you can get scrubbed and massaged so you feel like new. Tbilisi's National Museum has exciting ancient collections, and the National Gallery show Georgian art. 60-70 km southeast of Tbilsi in Kakhete region is the Georgian Orthodox monastery complex, David Gareja, rock-hewn and built in the 6th century, with hundreds of churches and chapels.

Nature in Georgia will leave you speechless. The scenery is beautiful and varied, a fascinating world of high mountains, green valleys, desert landscape, fertile farmland and subtropical Black Sea Climate. In the lush valleys you will find traditional wine growing. Agriculture is the country's main business, while tourism is still relatively low. The hospitality in Georgia is unique. A Georgian proverb says: "Every guest is a gift sent from God."

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International Association  of Tourists and Travelers IATT

IATT International Association of Tourists and Travelers. The main objectives and tasks of the organization are: Support to tourist and hotel sector for development of tourism and improvement of quality of service of the tourists arriving to Georgia.

Members of association are legal entities and individuals, travel agencies, the companies, hotels, to a hostela, owners of private apartments providing services. Professional guides, translators work for us, professional the driver of comfortable buses, minibuses and cars.

We provide our services first-hand, and minimize thereby service costs.

The main direction of our activity is providing high-quality and available services in the tourism sphere. To the sphere of tourism of local population that leads granting discounts, involvement to decrease in cost of services, assistance in implementation of programs of responsible tourism and environmental protection.

Development and promotion of regions and resort zones of Georgia.  

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