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CUBA ~ The Land of Spirit

Cuba is an interesting choice for those who want a holiday of dimensions

It will definitely be a different journey, a holiday in Cuban salsa beat, added rich culture, politics, history, laughter and a large portion exuberance. Combine your holiday with beach- and city life. Enjoy lazy days on several kilometers long beaches of  fine coral sand, the sun, Cuban rhythms, food and life. Rent a car or travel with bus and train on Cuba. Walk around in the narrow, cobblestone streets of Havana, consider everyday life and people. Still dominate the large American cars Havana’s cityscape. Havana's nightlife offers opportunities for a great evening out, with lots of bars and restaurants with live music. When going shopping, we would recommend woodcarver crafts, cigars, Cuban music, musical instruments and rum. Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean. The beaches in the north are among the world's most beautiful, the white beaches of Varadero. A cruise between Havana and Cienfuegos would be tempting.

It is very hot on Cuba during the summer. The country enjoys 330 days of sunshine per year with an average temperature of 26 degrees. High season for tourism is from December to April.

UNESCO's World Heritage sites for Cuba: Havana Old Town, Trinidad, Vinales (a very beautiful natural area north of Pinar del Rio), the national park Gran Parque Nacional Sierra Maestra with Cuba's highest mountain, and Baracoa which is Cuba's oldest colonial city.

Year around are Cuban Festivals being arranged: guitar and jazz festivals, film and theater festivals. The popular Cuba carnival is held in July and lasts two whole weeks. The Cuban life philosophy, “enjoy life today – whatever happens, happens” is being enhanced by samba and mambo rhythms that sound throughout the island. Carry a pocket dictionary or an electronic translator when you travel on Cuba. Most hotell staff speak English, but when you go shopping would basic Spanish be useful.

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Cuba Culture Club

The Cuba Culture Club is a travel club that provides cultural and educational vacation packages. We have professionals who will meet your needs and desires to get to know the real Cuba.

It is easy to fall in love with this country called Cuba and its people. The Cuba Culture Club hopes that you will! We would love to keep you informed about the music, the rhythms and more of this fascinating nation, and all you need to do is to visit our website and click NEWS, and we will send you updates from time to time, usually once-weekly. Each Newsletter takes a personal approach after all, since this is supposed to be a Club.

How is this a Club? We will take a very personal approach and see each member as a friend sharing a common interest (which happens to be Cuba) in all its dimensions. For membership, visit our website and just click on "Subscribe". On the subject line of the E-mail, just type SUBSCRIBE and that is all that is needed. Hasta luego! (See you later!)

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Cuba Hostels

In Cuba-Hostels.com you will find everything you need for your vacation on Cuba! Cuba-Hostel is the leading company for reservation of hostels on Cuba. We offer the most authentic Cuban family homes, which allow travelers to experience the best of Cuba in a familiar and safe environment.

Cuba-Hostels' service of room bookings is the most attractive for travelers who visit us daily. The Hostels are Cuban family homes, where the owners have a license offered by the Cuban government, allowed to provide a complete lodging service to tourists who visit the country.

Booking a room in a Cuban Hostel is very easy. Our offer is extensive and covers the main Cuban destinations. You will only have to choose the hostel that you want to book at your travel destination and fill out a form with the information that we request.

Enjoy an authentic and unforgettable experience during your vacation in Cuba. Travel to Cuba now and always with us!

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