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CHINA ~ The Land of The Dragon

China, the world's most populous country, is becoming increasingly popular as a tourist destination

China's extensive history stretches back throughout 5,000 years. Across China you will find national treasures from ancient times, museums, Buddhist temples, pagodas, Chinese garden and other sights which have been restored and displayed proudly to the ever increasing flow of tourists. Buildings like the Great Wall and the Forbidden City are very impressive. Prepare well before traveling to China, read travelogues and history so you know a little bit about China in advance, and the journey becomes even more fascinating. It is a challenge to travel around in China. Plan your itinerary carefully and be prepared for large crowds in cities, heavy traffic, noise and smells from the streets, and one at times endless chaos

China is one of the few remaining mysterious destinations on our planet, offering you the experiences that you surely will like: it's beautiful, varied, exotic, full of ancient cultural monuments, fabulous cuisine and huge shopping opportunities.

When travelling to China in low season there are far fewer tourists than when the country celebrates its holidays and virtually every Chinese have their holiday. Be sure to set aside a few days for shopping and walks on your own,  stroll around the many markets, test your haggle skills, sit on a bench and watch the Chinese daily life around you. Do not be afraid to try out the local cuisine from street stalls. Food traditions from all over China are represented in the big cities. You will soon discover that the vast heavy traffic may decline slightly around noon and afternoon in the large cities, and the reason is that “every” Chinese enjoy their lunch at 12 am and dinner at 6 pm.  Dinner at a restaurant among city residents is a pleasant experience. Wherever you go, remember to bring your camera with you. If you are an early bird, attend the Tai Chi morning gymnastics in the parks along with the city residents. China's main tourist attractions are famous worldwide and include many well-preserved archaeological discoveries. In UNESCO’s listings you will find 47 Chinese World Heritage sites , among them The Great Wall, The Forbidden City, Zhoukoudian, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Ming Dynasty Thumbs, and Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor (Terracotta Warriors ) in Xian, which you really must experience.

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Beijing Journey Travel

Beijing Journey Travel is an experienced Beijing based Travel Agency and Destination Management Company (DMC) of M.I.C.E. Events.  They provide high-quality, personalized travel services, with attention to details.

When you arrange everything directly with Beijing Journey Travel, they will provide you with travel services at very affordable prices. More than 20 years of experience in handling ground travel services for tour groups, corporations, educational institutions, and independent travelers (FIT). Beijing Journey Travel has an excellent network of local tour guides, who are determined to make your Beijing journey safe, enjoyable, and unforgettable. Your satisfaction is their concern.

Beijing is a once-in-a lifetime experience. Beijing Journey has the knowledge and experience to make your event in Beijing run seamlessly. They offer pre-planned tour options, as well as tailor-made tours. Email Beijing Journey Travel or use the contact form on their website for more information on how they can help you plan an event that perfectly reflects your needs.

For SME companies wishing to enter the Chinese market, they offer business support. This is a cost-effective way for you to have a business presence in China, but you don't need to be physically here. Beijing Journey Travel's intention is to provide you with an office in China and give you the help and services needed to grow your business in China. Contact Beijing Journey Travel for more information about their  business support service, your office in China.

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China Palace International Travel Service in Beijing

China Palace International Travel Services in Beijing offer Customized Tours, Tour packages in Tibet, Tour packages in China; Beijing, Shanghai, Guilin Xian, Kunming, Yangtze River Cruise, Chengdu, Chongqing, Inner Mongolia, Pingyao, Suzhou.

China Palace International Travel Service 中国王府国旅行社 was founded in 1994, and is an international travel agency approved by the National Tourism Administration. Palace International Travel Service is approved by the National Tourism Administration, registered in the State Administration for Industry and International Travel Service, is one of the the domestic tourism strongest travel agencies. It is an integrated state-owned enterprises with a collection of hotels, travel agencies and ticket sales.

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John Ping Auto Travel Services in Beijing, China

Jon Ping Auto Travel Service is an experienced Beijing tour operator. His main task for overseas tourists is to provide you with any kinds of vehicles, English guides and travel routes. Groups, Business and Individual tours, Tailor made tours, Package tours, Travel arrangements, Historical and Culture tours, Ethnological Museum tours.

Jon Ping handles: Trekking on the Great Wall, Tours to all sections of the Great Wall, Rafting, Hotel reservation, International and Domestic air ticket reservation, Car rental, vans up to 14 passengers, and more based on your request.

Jon Ping’s private travel company is specialized in high service standards and they have through the years had many satisfied customers from around the world, businessmen as well as tourists and  long-term living foreign friends in China. It is with pleasure he can provide English speaking guides and luxury travel vehicles for you, while providing also the lowest discount hotel reservations, discount air tickets and train tickets for you. Jon Ping introduces the latest travel routes well received by tourists of all ages. In particular, the Mutianyu Great Wall tour. Besides the standard destinations, Jon Ping offers tailor made services, according to your personal wishes.

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mittKINA in Norway and China

mittKINA. Specialized Tour Operator to China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma, India, Malaysia, and Japan customizing all their trips according to their clients' wishes. Their offices are located in Oslo (Norway), and Beijing (China).

mittKINA emphasizes friendly service, comfort, standard, good food and central location. Their desire is to take good care of you when you are far from home, and a cozy hotel, a good night's sleep and a delicious breakfast is a great start to an exciting day at one of their great hotels in China. You will experience a part of the friendly Chinese life up close you. They utilize only the best restaurants, because the Chinese cuisine is special, and they know what to serve: delicacies, exotic fragrances and exciting spices. Enjoy adventurous good food in authentic Chinese setting, in both ancient and modern style. You will surely yearn to return!

A guide is not just a guide - at least not by mittKINA

Their guides are trained, well educated and chosen after special criteria. Common for them all is their knowledge and ability to adapt to foreign cultures. They have been traveling much and are experienced with the world outside China. They speak several languages​​, some even Scandinavian. Humor and good mood are evident. Whoever of them you will get, with a guide like that you will surely feel that you have the best guide in all of China!

Our tourist buses are modern, comfortable and clean

And our drivers are experienced in China's bustling traffic. Seeing daily life unfold from the bus window, is perhaps one of the most spectacular performances you will experience during your stay in China. From here you will see developments far into the future and culture of several thousand years back. No theater stage in the world can emulate this performance. And you will all the time have the ringside seat!

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