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CAMBODIA ~ The Land of Heritage

Cambodia is actually as good a destination as Thailand, if you dream of crystal clear sea and tropical, sandy beaches. Still the country has fewer tourists than Thailand, despite the fact that they share the same shoreline, and over the last 10 years have great efforts been made in developing the country's infrastructure, facilities and services to offer tourists the same standards as neighboring Thailand. When looking back a few thousand years, Cambodia has a fascinating history. It was once one of Asia's largest kingdoms under Angkor's kings, and has also been under French colonial rule. In the 1970s underwent Cambodia's people terrible suffering under the Khmer Rouge atrocities. Today, the future looks brighter thanks to foreign investors and increasing tourism. Climate: Tropical Monsoon. Rainy season: June to October.

The price level is low and you can travel comfortably by bus, boat and train. The people are friendly and hospitable. Cambodian food is exotic and very tasteful. Sights worth visiting: Killing Fields in Phnom Penh capital, Tuoi Sleng Prison, and the amazing Angkor Wat Complex with temples and some of the world 's foremost cultural treasures.

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Cambodian Travel Partner

Cambodian Travel Partner will show you that Cambodia has much more to offer than temples and a harsh history. The country boosts pristine nature, stretched white sand beaches, and people that genuinely are friendly and curious. Our goal is to combine the highlights of the country and the diversity of the "other faces of Cambodia". We create travel programs for you that meet your every need, desire and wish combined with the level of comfort and pace you require. Our tours are very flexible, giving you the ultimate freedom to adapt to any situation and ensuring that you feel at any time appreciated and at ease.

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Travel in Cambodia (Southeast  Asia Travel)

Travel in Cambodia (Southeast Asia Travel). Cambodia is our home. We know this country well, and we use our special knowledge and experience to make your holiday to Siem Reap (the Land of Heritage). We specialize in individual or small group tours, and can assure you of personalized service to meet all your travel needs".

“Travel in Cambodia” is established and managed by a young man, Hem (Ben) Bunhong, who grew up in a small, poor city 20 km outside Siem Reap City. His ambitions about getting an education and learn English when he was a young teenager, and later on his efforts in creating working places and develop his poor home town, is simply amazing. We are proud having such a strong and resourceful member of Dragonicum! Good luck ahead, Ben!

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