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BRAZIL ~ The Land of Diversity

The world's best nature experiences await in Brazil, which consists of a very diverse landscape: in the northern part is the adventurous rainforest area Amazonas, and in the south is the country covered by mountains and savannah areas of forest. Brazil's long coastline with sandy white beaches and eternal blue skies attract sunbathers and tourists from around the world. The climate in Brazil is tropical, with little difference between summer and winter. Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world, after Russia, Canada, China and the USA.

Heady nights with Carnival and exotic music, samba and bossa nova await in Rio. It's all about FEST, and is a wonderful mix of traditions, music, intense dancing, incredible costumes and family parties. Just throw yourself into the Brazilian adventures!

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Weekend Tours 2 days, Long Distance Tours 8, 10, 14 days

Off the beaten track, discover a different Brazil with an enormous diversity of natural, historical, cultural beauty. Brazil has a lot to explore for the adventurous motorcyclist! The ultimate motorcycle vacation. Touring Brazil's scenic coastlines, mountain ranges and countryside, visiting charming colonial towns and exotic beaches, you will get to know first hand, the rich culture, influenced by the Portuguese, Dutch and French colonization, African slave trade and European, Middle-Eastern and Japanese immigration

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Rio Concierge Brazil ~ Flexible, effective marketing solutions

Rio Concierge is a bureau based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, providing services of marketing, sales representation, consultancy and public relations for the travel and hospitality industry. Our clients are hotels and resorts, DMC’s and destinations, airlines, car rental, cruise lines, technology and distribution companies related to the tourism industry. Adding value to a brand, ensuring success, specific results and payback on the investments of our clients is our commitment.

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