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Bosnia-Herzegovina is one of Europe's cheapest holiday destinations. For those who want an adventurous vacation in wild and untouched nature has the country much to offer: hiking in the Dinaric Alps, whiteater rafting in the rivers Una (south-west)and Nerevta (in Herzegovina) and in the deepest river canyon of Europe, theTara River, in the Sutjeska National Park.

Sarajevo, chosen to “Europe’s Cultural Capitol 2014", is a multi-cultural city, a delightful blend of Vienna and Istanbul with obvious inspiration from Turkey and Austria / Hungary. Mosques, synagogues and cathedrals are located side by side. When visiting the mosques, do remember that women must  cover your shoulders with a shawl. There is a buzz around the cobbled street of  the city's old town, Stari Glad, with international restaurants, coffee bars and shops. In the Turkish headquarters of Baščaršija, you can buy traditional handicrafts, jewellery, souvenirs and oriental decor. Sarajevo has a great bar- and nightlife.

Not many years ago the Balkan war ravaged the country. The Balkan War's history you can learn more about  by visiting the Tunnel museum near the airport. In the basement of an ordinary residential house was a tunnel built in 1993 to transport people and necessities in and out of Sarajevo during the years that the city was besieged. A  trip to the historical museum located near the airport is also a “must do” while you are in Sarajevo.

Sarajevo Film Festival, one of Europe's film festivals, takes place in July / August, where you can mingle with celebrities from around the world. Interested in skiing and alpine sports?The ski destinations Jahorina and Bjelasnica, which had the Winter Olympics in 1984, are just outside Sarajevo!

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ELITE TRAVEL arose from the desire to bring the Bosnian market’s innovative and professional work into the field of tourism. Our young and committed team, full of ambitions and creative ideas, is at your disposal, hoping we will meet your expectations and justify the trust that you travel with us.

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