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Bhutan Trekking Between Unclimbed Peaks

An unique experience unlike many of the more crowded treks offered in Asia!

Variety of treks range from a simple 3 day trek from Thimpu to Paro, to  the legendary 28 days Snowman Trek that takes veteran trekkers through some of the most exquite sports in the country. The Snowman Trek is labeled: "The World's Toughest Trek" as it goes over 12 - 14 mountain passes, all of them from 4,500 to 5,000 meters.

Fixed dates for treks in 2017!

Druk Path Trek: 15 - 25 March 2017

Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek:  10 - 20 May 2017

Laya Gasa Trekking: 5 - 20 September 2017

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Bhutan Cultural and Historical Tours

Bhutan Cultural and Historical Tours, providing glimpses into Bhutan’s cultural life, religion, arts and architecture, are an opportunity to expand your horizons and make cross cultural connections. Our cultural adventures meader through the country’s major cities, rural villages and majestic scenery. We visit also  festivals, monasteries, Dzongs and museums.

Bhutan Festival Tours 2016 and 2017

For the Bhutanese, attendance at religious festivals offers an opportunity to become immersed in the meaning of their religion and to gain much merit. The festivals are also occasions for seeing people, for being seen, for social exchanges, and for flaunting success. An atmosphere of convivial,  slightly ribald good humor prevails

Customized Cultural and Historical Tours / Bhutan Trekking Tours coinciding with Bhutan festivals can be arranged according to the client’s preferences and interests, see tentative festival dates below


Bhutan Dragon Adventures offers a wide range of exclusive trips exploring the cultural life of Bhutan. Trips that focus on special interests such as history, culture, religion, arts and crafts, bird watching, plants, bicycling, and even river rafting can be arranged. To assist you in planning and timing your trip with a festival, see our 2011 and 2012 festival schedules listed below

Itineraries, the 4 tours below >

Glimpse of Bhutan

Magical Kingdom Tour

Historic Central Bhutan Tour

Bhutan Journey of Distinction



4 nights / 5 days

7 nights / 8 days

9 nights / 10 days

12 nights / 13 days



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Planning your trek is half the fun! We will help you select a trip that matches your fitness level, time, budget and interests. All of our treks include a couple of days for acclimatization and touring, and some have more touring than trekking. Trekking trips can be longer or shorter to meet your schedule, and you can always add more touring and maybe a festival. For each trek listed below, add two extra days for arrival and departure.

Itineraries for the 4 treks below >

Druk Path Trek

Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek

Mt. Jhomolhari Round Trek

Beautiful Laya Gas Trek


4 nights / 5 days

6 nights / 7 days

9 nights / 10 days

15 nights / 16 days

Snowman Trek with Ganhkar Phumsum, considered the most difficult of Himalayan treks.

Jhomolhari Soi Yak Sa Trekking

29 days


12 days

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2016 AND 2017

The Tshechu is a festival in honour of Padmasambhava. “One who was born from lotus flower” popularly known under the name of “Guru Rimpoche”, “the precious Teacher”. This Indian saint contributed enormously to the diffusion of Tantric Buddhism in the Himalayan regions of Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan around 800 A.D. He is the founder of the Nyingmapa, the “old school” of Lamaism which still has numerous followers. The biography of Guru Rimpoche is highlighted in 12 episodes on the model of the Buddha Sakyamuni‘s life. Each episode is commemorated substitute throughout the year on the 10th day of the month “the Tshechu” which has become the name of a very popular festival.

Thimpy Bhutan Festival Tour 10 days

Nimalung Festival 11 days

Bhumtang Jambay Lhakhang 11 days

Paru Tshechu Festival 13 days

Punakha Festival 8 days




Customized Cultural and Historical Tours / Bhutan Trekking Tours coinciding with Bhutan festivals can be arranged according to the client’s preferences and interests, see tentative festival dates below. The dates and duration of the festivals vary from one district to another but the always take place on or around the 10th day of the month in the Bhutanese calendar.

Bhutan Festivals 2016 >

Bhutan Festivals 2017 coming soon >


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