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Bangladesh - Dragonicum Tourism

Bangladesh, the world's 5th most populated country, is a nice country to travel in, however, it is not known for traditional tourist attractions. We advise you to observe the street life, take a ride in a rickshaw in Dhaka, visit Cox's Bazar (with the world's longest unbroken beach), the National Park Sundarban, small villages, and enjoy boating on rivers.

Dhaka, which is called the world Rickshaw-capital, has a lively atmosphere. The Bangladeshi is a very friendly and welcoming people, but sometimes the situation can get out of control if a crowd gets excited over anything. Avoid angry crowds. Avoid deserted streets and places. If a place is completely deserted, it may be a sign that something is wrong.

Bangladesh eco, cultural, religious, adventure, urban, village, forest, river, archeology, historical and heritage tourism

Female tourists should wear lightweight clothes that cover knees and shoulders when they are out. This is particularly important when visiting places where it rarely come foreigners.

Somapuri Vihara, Buddhist monastery ruins from the 700th, previously the biggest Buddhist monastery south of the Himalayas, covers a very large area.

The coral island St. Martins, near Cox's Bazar, is a paradise for hiking, surfing and swimming.

The world's largest mangrove forest in the national park Sundarban extends 80 km into the inland from the coast , and hides the last remaining Bengal tigers in the world. The Royal Bengal Tiger is the national animal of Bangladesh. Note: It is not allowed to enter the area without permission from the forest management authorities. Please note that there are some pirate activity in Sundarban , and you should not, under any circumstances, visit the area without a reputable tour operator.

Upon entry into Bangladesh it is required to present passports with at least six months' validity. Visas is required. Sanitary conditions are poor in many parts of Bangladesh. Water from the public water supply network is not safe for drinking. Prepare ahead of time for your journey, contact health professionals in your country for information about current vaccinations, depending on where in Bangladesh you will travel.

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