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Latest News from around the world

BBC News Front Page

The president says his predecessor "did nothing" despite knowing of meddling claims before the poll.
A frantic rescue operation continues in Sichuan province, with 15 bodies recovered so far.
The foreign minister says conditions set by four Arab states for lifting sanctions are unrealistic.
A man in India confesses on TV that he took part in the attack after being goaded by his friends.
The former Miss Italy finalist said she was doing so to encourage other women to defy bullies.
Coverage of Brexit could be more "helpful", Tory MP Andrea Leadsom tells Newsnight's Emily Maitlis.
In video footage posted on social media, the pair pledge to "make the planet great again".
So far, 34 cladding samples from 17 areas have been sent to the government's laboratory - and every one has failed fire safety tests.
They vow to hold a march in Istanbul which officials have banned for the third year in a row.
MPs are unable to access emails remotely, as Westminster deals with a hacking attempt made on Friday.
So far more than 1,300 people have died, 25% children, with numbers expected to rise, the UN says.
The World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) changes its name to World Taekwondo because of the "negative connotations".

BBC Business

The troubled Japanese electronics giant delays its final earnings report again as its losses worsen.
States bid to host agencies responsible for medicines and banking, meaning hundreds of jobs moving.
The central bank seeks a "significantly enhanced" role in regulating the lucrative market.
Costs and risks for energy users 'not sufficiently considered' warns the National Audit Office.
The 34 largest US banks passed the first part of the Federal Reserve's annual stress test.
The competition regulator is to take action against betting sites which it says are breaking consumer law.
Qatar Airways has told the world's biggest airline it plans to buy up to $808m (638m) of its shares.
Move is a response to UK government criticism that the firm doesn't do enough to curb online hate.
Clash follows reports of Walmart asking IT suppliers not to use Amazon's cloud computing service.
The authorities in China have reportedly stepped up efforts to clamp down on firms' overseas investment.
The decision by the Competition and Markets Authority paves the way for the deal's completion in August.
The private instant messaging app is surging in popularity as a way to share and discuss the news.