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Latest News from around the world

BBC News Front Page

Senate and House lawmakers reveal final details of the biggest change to the US tax code in 30 years.
Penn State allowed "sadistic" rituals and failed to protect its students, a blistering report finds.
Centre-right leader Sebastian Kurz is set to become Europe's youngest prime minister under the deal.
A live nativity scene led to a police chase when one participant managed to break out twice in a day.
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson toughens his stance after earlier offering talks with no preconditions.
Police have opened an investigation after several women came forward with sexual misconduct claims.
Theresa May welcomes "important step" and calls for "rapid progress" on transition discussions.
Fresh violence erupts between Palestinians and Israeli troops over the US shift on Jerusalem.
In a break with royal tradition, the wedding is being held on a Saturday rather than a weekday.
A shopping area at one of Europe's busiest airports was evacuated as shots were heard.
A top Catholic cleric in Australia says breaking the seal of confession would undermine doctrine.
Amasa Firdaus was refused entry in Nigeria after insisting on wearing a headscarf under her wig.

BBC Business

Senate and House lawmakers reveal final details of the biggest change to the US tax code in 30 years.
The airline says it will recognise pilot unions as it seeks to avoid industrial action at Christmas.
Will Disney want to keep pumping money into a loss-making news channel after the Fox deal?
The Anglo-Dutch firm is selling brands including Flora and ProActiv to the private equity giant.
Chief executive Tom Enders will stand down in 2019 and its chief operating officer will leave in February.
Overpayments totalling 1.76m were made to 94 people, a committee of MPs says.
The cash machine industry and the network are at loggerheads over closure plans.
Nearly 20 entities have been targeted as Japan widens its blacklist of companies trading with Pyongyang.
The deal ends Rupert Murdoch's more than half century of media empire building.
The European Central Bank expects GDP to rise further but inflation will stay below target.
The Israeli drugmaker is struggling with $35bn debt from an acquisition and rising competition.
Higher and middle earners will pay more than elsewhere in the UK, but lower earners will pay less.