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This is Druk Yul, Bhutan - The Land of The Thunder Dragon. How Bhutan got its name Bhutan: one theory suggests that the name evolved from ‘Bhotana’ (End of Tibet) or from ‘Bhu-ttan’ meaning ‘Highland’.

Some believe that the name is derived from the word ‘Bhot-stan’ the land of ‘Bhotias’ (in ancient Indian language Sanskrit, ‘Bhotia’ means people originally from Tibet). Whatever may be the case, Bhutanese call proudly their country as Druk Yul (Land of the Thunder Dragon)and themselves as Drukpas.

Bhutan is the last bastion of Vajrayana Buddhism, a spiritual practice that is known to be one of the most profound schools of teaching in the Buddhist world. The sacred monasteries that sit precariously on sheer cliffs, the fluttering prayer flags that line the high ridges, the red-robed monks who chant through the day and night, give this kingdom an aura that comes from another time.

Where happiness is more than a dream there is a place on earth even the most seasoned travellers considered a privilege to visit. And, although it is voted one of the world’s top travel destinations, very few make it. Where happiness is more than a dream you cannot find a more enlightening travel destination today. Perched high on the mighty Himalayan range, the kingdom of Bhutan has defied globalization and chosen to remain a hidden paradise, accessible only to a fortune few.

Bhutan is marked by raw natural beauty where the dense foliage changes dramatically as the sub tropical jungles at sea level merge into a fertile temperate zone and rise up to the great northern glaciers. This pristine environment is home to exotic wildlife and is a last refuge for endangered species like the Black-Necked Crane, the Blue Sheep, the Golden Languor, even the Royal Bengal Tiger.
An abode of Gods

It is no surprise that the main goal in life for the Bhutanese people is happiness. Even the mandate of the modern Bhutanese state is Gross National Happiness. In translation, this means that economic development, a goal for much of humanity, is only a means to the real goal of happiness.

The people of Bhutan have drawn a rich culture from this heritage and made it the essence of their unique identity. They have decided that man can only survive, and truly live, by being in touch with the past. The onslaught of globalization is balanced with the values that have kept the human society together through the ages.

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Contact person:Phuntsho Wangdi
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Contact phone:+975-5-251911
Contact fax:+975-5-251900

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Year of establishment:2009
No. of employees:9
General manager:1
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Tourist groups, Individuals, Trekkers, Peak climbers, Students, Photographers.

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